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Open-Cell & Closed-Cell Spray Foam

Closed-cell and open-cell spray foam. These are the two kinds of spray-foam insulation. Open-cell SPF is the lighter, less dense option; it is the cheaper of the two but has less insulating power (or a lower R-value).

Closed-cell SPF is denser and more expensive, can provide a bit more rigid support to certain structures and can act as a water vapor barrier, because it is less permeable.


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Spray Foam Services

Spray Foam Installation Increases Energy Efficiency

attic-foam-insulation-installer2-e1473904429553-400x262Spray foam has the potential to tackle air leakages better than many other insulation options. Because it is sprayed into place, the foam can fill up cavities and block any small holes that could compromise your building envelope. It can be applied to vertical or horizontal surfaces to act not only as thermal insulation, but also as an air barrier. It’s synthetic and does not attract rodents or insects.

Homeowners on the Gulf Coast and other areas affected by hurricanes and other severe weather can use spray foam, which could improve the strength and durability of their homes. Spray foam helps improve a building’s resistance to wind uplift, so during periods of high wind, a home or building with a spray foam roof is likely to experience less damage than a building without SPF.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which responds to natural disasters, has classified SPF insulation as highly resistant to floodwater damage, saying, “These materials can survive wetting and drying and may be successfully cleaned after a flood to render them free of most harmful pollutants.

When applied properly, spray foam can contribute to a successful energy-efficiency strategy. Give the professionals a call at (713) 817-1769.

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