What is an Radiant Barrier Installation

Radiant Barrier Installation is a high performance product which comes in a foil or spray insulation. Radiant Barrier has become a very popular product in the attic insulation industry due to the success of reflecting heat. In the southern states like, Houston, Texas, Radiant Barrier is used in conjunction with regular insulation to provide an additional protection to reduce heat in the summer and cold in the winter months. Radiant Barrier is also popular due to the history of lowering energy costs.  Consumers have 2 options when it comes to selecting Radiant Barrier Foil.

Attic Foil Insulation
  • We can install the Radiant Barrier Installation by stapling this foil to the bottom rafters.
  • The other option is to replace the foil over the existing attic insulation.
  • Our research concludes that both options are successful in climates like Houston.
  • In the colder climates the Radiant Barrier is implemented on the attic floor.

By using a Radiant Barrier Installation Foil you are blocking the heat/cold and it is reversed and being sent back to the roof. You can compare this to using a sun protection cream when you are swimming in a pool.

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Purpose of Radiant Barrier Installation

Having Radiant Barrier in your attic will contribute to an increase in savings on your energy bills and maintaining coolness and warmness in your attic at the appropriate seasons (i.e. winter vs. summer). Make sure you inquire with your consultant about the advantages of Radiant Barrier in the Attic.

Spray on Radiant Barrier

Spray is also an effective process and offers extra protection. This product will stop moisture transfer and save you considerable costs. The process includes spraying reflective paint to the underside of the roof decking. There are many different types of sprays on the market and they do not all provide the exact protection. Therefore, it is important that consumers speak with a professional regarding the type of spray in the market that will reduce the reflection of heat.

Not all sprays are available to consumers; commercial companies maintain environmentally safe spray products that their staff is highly trained to use. In the heat in Houston we have been successful in applying the spray product with good results for our clients. When we meet for your free assessment, we can determine where the spray will be applied. We have to determine how thick the paint will be to keep the best protection. At All Attic Insulation we use the correct protection including respirators when implementing this product. We do not recommend this process be performed by consumers due to the fumes. Leave it to the professionals to decide which product would be more effective in your home or office.

Costs of attic radiant barrier is dependent upon the following:

  • If the radiant barrier is installed in a new or existing home
  • There are different types of features to select when using Radiant Barrier
  • The installation is on the attic floor or the rafters
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