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Proper Insulation & Ventilation



Living in Texas has some great upsides, but one of the things we all have to deal with is the heat. Enclosed spaces can become like an oven during the summer without proper insulation and ventilation, and that’s where All Attic Insulation comes in.

Heat rises, and if your attic is not ventilated, all of that extra heat could seep into your home, disrupting your comfort, and safety. By using proper attic insulation and a radiant barrier, you can deflect up to 97 percent of the sun’s rays. A Radiant Barrier is a high performance product that comes in a foil or spray insulation. When you use this, you are blocking not only the hot summer heat, but the cold during the winter months. With the Spray option, it will stop moisture and save you money, but is not always available to public consumers. That’s where calling a insulation specialist like All Attic Insulation is necessary to get the job done right.

All Attic Insulation has been providing our services to Houston and beyond for over 12 years with a team of well trained specialists. Our customer service department will coordinate a private consultation to discuss your options, and recommend the best path for your home or business. Give one of the top attic insulation companies a call at (713) 817-1769.