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Hire a Professional Insulation Company & Avoid D-I-Y



We live in a day and age where we can claim to be a do it yourself (D-I-Y) expert at just about anything our heart desires.  There are ample YouTube videos for nearly every project imaginable.  An entire TV network is dedicated to D-I-Y projects.  Big box spends mega bucks on advertising each year targeting homeowners for the everyday honey do list assignments.   

There are times when D-I-Y is not an option and you need to call a professional.  Home insulation is one of those situations.  According to, adding insulation to the attic is generally a moderately difficult D-I-Y project, but the rewards can be considerable.  Proper home and attic insulation is necessary to keep a comfortable consistent home temperature and protect your home from mold, mildew and uninvited critters.  We share five reasons why you should call the professionals at All Attic Insulation rather than try a home insulation D-I-Y project.

1-Industry Knowledge and Understanding

A professional will be able to offer an energy assessment of your home and make recommendations that work for your climate, region, home and budget.  They are trained on the different types of insulation materials, understand the latest technology and possess experience when it comes to installation and application methods.  An industry expert will have the knowledge of current building and energy efficiency codes that a layman will not posses.

2-Proper Licensing Requirements

An expert will be licensed, bonded and insured.  Knowing that your professional contractor holds the proper licensing requirements provides peace of mind that you do not enjoy when attempting to tackle a rough and ready home project.   All Attic Insulation is also a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

3-Scope of Work

An experienced insulation contractor understands the scope of work involved with proper home insulation.  From understanding the proper R-Value to removal and disposal of old insulation, a professional will be able to understand what is needed to properly insulate a home, suggest and install relevant materials and complete the job quickly and safely.

4-Tools and Equipment

A skilled installer will have the proper tools, equipment and training needed to get the job done.  A D-I-Yer may not have the necessary resources to complete the project.  One would need to rent appropriate tools and equipment.  Rented equipment quality is usually lower and typically not properly maintained.  An untrained individual may cause damage to their home during the install process.


A major downfall to D-I-Y home projects is a trip to the ER.  A survey by 3M TEKK Protection and the National Safety Council found that more than one quarter of homeowners who attempted D-I-Y wound up with an injury to themselves or someone else in the home.  A qualified contractor will ensure their safety and the safety of those in your home during the installation process.  

Contact All Attic Insulation today for your home insulation inspection and quote.  We will accomplish a professional installation to help you maximize your energy savings and ensure your family’s safety.

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