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Preparing Your Attic For Winter


When was the last time that you went up in your attic? Unless you use your attic for storage or have an issue, you probably rarely go up in your attic. It isn’t something that is on the top of your list to do. And, you are not alone! 

Periodic attic inspections does need to make ‘the list’ at some point.  Doing a visual inspection of your attic to check for holes, any water leaks, mold, and structural damage is what you would normally check. Very seldom does it occur anyone to check your attic insulation.

ALL ATTIC INSULATIONALL ATTIC INSULATIONWhen inspecting your attic insulation, you notice that it is old, torn, damaged or wet, it’s probably a good idea to replace it with new insulation. By insulating your home correctly, you are not only protecting it, you are making your home energy efficient. Heat can be lost through walls, floors and especially ceilings.

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