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Is insulating your attic worth it?

all attic insulation - Is insulating your attic worth it


Insulating your attic might seem an expensive endeavor for something that may not be worth the effort and money. However, all homeowners will eventually have to face the cold (or hot) truth. Depending on where you live, weather-extreme seasons wreak havoc on your energy bill. During hot summer months, the extra hot air in your attic will permeate through to the rest of your home. During the cold winter months, heated air keeping you warm will rise up into your attic and leave you. You might have already noticed the effects of improper or lack of insulation. High energy bills, AC and heaters working overtime, rooms that just too cold or hot despite your efforts to keep it regulated. If your home isn’t properly insulated, you bet you’ll feel the difference in your home and in your bank.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that you could save anywhere from 10 to 50 percent on energy costs with attic insulation. US News & World report lists attic insulation as one of the top five ways you can improve your home and save money doing it. The thermal layer or barrier in your attic is the most important part of maintaining comfortable temperatures. Maintaining a livable, safe home for you and yours can be pricey but probably not as much as you might think. You might spend something around $600-$2000. It depends on what your home needs of course but rest assured that proper roof insulation pays for itself, both in energy savings and in comfortability. Regardless, you should be aware of the factors that will affect the cost, such as:

  • Who is doing it (DIY or hired professionals)
  • How big the space is
  • The type of insulating material
  • The climate of where you live

There are some other possible factors that may come into play as well, such the possibility of electrical work and if there is existing insulation in place already. Determining the costs means you have to evaluate for all of these factors. DIY is a great cost-saver but if you aren’t experienced in attic and roofing insulation, you could make many expensive mistakes. It’s advisable to do what you can to ensure the job gets done correctly, and it gets done once. A professional will probably always look and sound more expensive than a DIY job. It probably always is, in the short term. But mistakes will cost you more to address and will fail to save on your energy bill. In other words, the more accurate, complete, and professional the audit is, the more the project will save you in energy costs.

When you hire attic insulation specialists, the energy audit they do first will likely detect and uncover any possible safety issues in your home. The ensuing insulation project will fix them. They will also properly assess how much material is needed for the size of your attic and can go over with you the best quality materials to use for it. Professionals can also show you more specialized options that you might be interested in such as a radiant barrier or attic solar fans. Attic insulation projects rarely take more than a couple of days but the comfort and savings it’ll bring you will last. You and your family will be living in comfortable indoor temperatures while you live there, and the resale value is better off now if you decide to move someday.

Find attic insulation services you trust that will give you an honest estimate. They’ll give you a thorough assessment of your home, letting you know exactly what you need so that you pay less for attic insulation. Do these things and you’ll find the choice to insulate your home will pay for itself.

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