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Insulation Removal by Professionals

Insulation removal in your home is a very important decision to make and selecting the right company is imperative. At All Attic Insulation we have a team of talented staff members with extensive experience in safe insulation removal that will remove your unwanted existing insulation.

Old insulation becomes ineffective for many reasons. It can get wet and damaged, growing mold and mildew. As insulation settles and flattens, it can also attract all kinds of pests looking for nesting grounds. Removing old insulation is only the first step to fixing the problem. Removing it makes room to install fresh, up-to-date material that will drastically improve indoor air quality, maintain comfortable temperatures, and cut energy bills down to reasonable rates.

Contaminated insulation isn’t your only worry or reason for removal. Insulation settles over time, greatly reducing its effectiveness. Some insulation materials and methods are more prone to this issue than others. Loose and blown-in insulation has been found to settle as much as 20 percent over the few years after installation. Most experts suggest getting a home and attic insulation inspection done at least once a year by a professional insulation removal company such as All Attic Insulation. This ensures you always have the opportunity to keep your insulation up to date, so your home and wallet are protected.

In the end there are many different situations that can arise in insulation removal; therefore you should leave this process to the experts.


Some of the types of services we offer include:

All Attic Insulation

Too Much Insulation

Many home owners don’t realize that their home has too much insulation and this can cause problems with airflow and ventilation. Some of the older homes experience these types of problems which may cause breathing and allergy problems.  Our professional insulation services will fix these problems by installing the correct insulation.

insulation removal

Contaminated Insulation Removal

Due to problems in attics such as leaks, rodents, droppings, and moisture can cause damage to your insulation over time. Mold and mildew can develop and cause additional problems. This is a dangerous situation for you and your family to handle due to the contamination issues and you should have an expert for your insulation removal.


Insulation Removal

Free Consultation for Insulation Removal

By having an Insulation Removal Expert analyze your home or business we can determine exactly what is occurring in your environment. You will be surprised what a difference new insulation can make in your home or business including reducing your energy costs. Ask one of our representatives for information about attic ventilation and radiant barrier, too.

Contact your local representative at (713) 817-1769 for your insulation removal needs today!