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Blown-In Insulation

As a home insulation contractor, we have many different attic insulation options to choose from. Which one you go with depends on many factors such as your attic structure, the climate, budget, etc. The most common and popular option we use is what we call “blown-in” insulation. It’s versatile, efficient, and cost effective. It’s a well-rounded option which is why so many choose it for their home.

Blown-in InsulationBlown-in insulation refers to the method of using a mechanical blower to fill cavities and cover the attic floor in loose insulation material. The material can include fiberglass, cellulose, even rock or mineral wool. Each of these materials offer various benefits for different costs so you’ll want to think about what you want and what your situation needs. Blown-in is great option because it fills to fit the space. So, corners, joists, studs, etc. are prime candidates to receive blown-in material.

Blown-in insulation is also a fantastic addition to your attic insulation strategy. If you use it with attic sealing and proper ventilation, you’ll be shocked at the benefits it provides you. You’ll see savings on your energy bills because your AC has less work to do, and your home will be more comfortable than it has ever been. With proper maintenance, your attic structure, insulation, and HVAC system will not only run efficiently but it will also enjoy as long a lifespan as possible. The sealing and maintenance will also ensure any pest problems are either prevented or nipped in the bud.

A healthy attic benefits you in many different ways and blown-in insulation is a big step towards that. Statistically, you’ll reap the benefits of an insulation upgrade for years to come. It’s one of the safest and most profitable investments you can make in your home. Give us a call so we can schedule an evaluation now! (713) 817-1769


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Batt Insulation

You have so many types of attic insulation options at your disposal and a common option is batt insulation. In fact, batt insulation is probably what most people picture when it comes to insulation. Batt insulation is versatile because it is effective at insulating many parts of your home such as walls, ceilings, and floors.

Batt attic insulation refers to rolls or pre-cut panels of insulation material that is laid like blanket into standard home structure. Though batt insulation can’t quite fill nonstandard space like loose fill or blown-in options, it can still be cut to fit to your attic space. Batt insulation material comes in the common cellulose, fiberglass, and mineral wool so we’ll want to discuss which one is best for your attic insulation needs. It is a great affordable option for your attic.

When installed properly by professionals, batt insulation can provide temperature regulation and energy savings for years to come. And if need be, insulation methods can often be mixed and supplanted with other practices such as regular maintenance, attic sealing, and ventilation. Ensuring proper attic ventilation can seem overwhelming. All Attic Insulation is here to answer all questions and get to work!


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Batt Insulation Installation

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Batt insulation ceiling

 Batt Insulation on Vaulted Ceiling