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Fixer Upper House



Before Insulation was widespread and was dubbed a necessity, it was very much an afterthought. Insulation was not thought to have serious upsides other than providing a little extra comfort to the home. This is something to consider when you are moving into something a little older, especially a fixer upper house.

Older buildings such as a fixer upper, may not have adequate insulation, so a proper inspection is needed to determine how much, if any, work is needed. Since the 1950s, not only has the popularity and necessity of proper insulation grown, but the costs associated with it have risen as well. Technical specialists, like the ones here at All Attic Insulation, will coordinate a private consultation with you to discuss all of your insulation options and recommend the best products based on your insulation needs.

Having a professional energy audit done on your home, whether it is a fixer upper house or not, is recommended as well. Every home has some kind of flaw, and finding your home’s flaw will help save you money. Often times, you can save hundreds of dollars with refining energy use.

If you end up needing insulation removed from your home, calling the right team is imperative.  Improving air quality, lower bills, and less mold are some perks to eradicating old insulation. Avoiding moisture is important when installing new insulation, and we take great care in checking the worn out layers, and getting you up to date. This process must be done by an expert, as many unpredictable situations may arise. For peace of mind and quality care, give All Attic Insulation a call today at (713) 817-1769.

Some of our services areas include: Conroe, Cypress, Houston, Katy, Kingwood, Magnolia, Montgomery, Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, Waller and surrounding areas.