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Is Your Attic Infested?

Insulation is the best investment you can make for your home, but it means nothing if you’ve had or are currently dealing with a pest infestation. Rodents and other pests can make nests among your insulation. Their droppings and general presence can cause havoc in your attic and in your home. We’re talking about substances capable of degrading the structure of your home and the quality of the air you’re breathing. Pest infestations can cause mold growth, wood rot, and can even invite more pests. Let’s not forget, this also means your insulation is probably losing its effectiveness every moment the infestation isn’t dealt with. But removing the pests isn’t the end of the issue. Once pest extermination has done its job, and repairs are made to ensure no more can get in, you will need to make sure that your attic is cleaned and cleared of all trace of their presence.

Decontaminating and sanitizing the area is your next step after clearing an infestation. This means removing the insulation, cleaning everything of contaminates, and applying new insulation.

Our Process

Insulation Removal – Insulation is removed either by hand or by utilizing a commercial Insulation Removal Vacuum located outside the home attached to a vacuum hose running from the vacuum to the attic.

Disinfecting and Deodorizing – After the insulation has been completely removed, we will spray a people and pet safe disinfectant and deodorizer on all of the attic surfaces.

Air Sealing Attic Floor – We will reduce or eliminate the amount of conditioned air that may be leaking from inside the house into the attic. We use spray foam to seal all of the cracks.

New attic insulation is installed by our professionals at All Attic Insulation. Start watching the savings in your utility bills.

attic insulation is Your Best Investment

Of course, the nature of the contaminates depends on the pest but any pest waste is not something you want to breath. Droppings can contain a variety of diseases or parasites that can easily find their way into your air ducts. Breathing this air can cause a variety of health problems.

 If you find yourself in need of attic decontamination services, All Attic Insulation is your expert provider! Give us a call so we can get your attic clean again!


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