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Benefits Of Attic Insulation



Attic Insulation is Vital for Comfort and Savings

The condition of your attic insulation can have an impact on your entire home.  It is important to consider your attic when thinking of your home budget, comfort and peace of mind. reports that an attic is the easiest place to add insulation to improve comfort and energy efficiency in your home.  Insulation is an investment that you will recoup over time with lower utility bills.  The average cost to install blown-in insulation, according to, is $1,355, and most homeowners spend in the range of $875-$1894.   Insulation is a solid investment in your home and the benefits of increasing attic insulation outweigh the costs.


Lack of insulation in your attic can have a negative impact on your utility expenses during the intense summer and winter months.  Proper insulation can lower energy costs in the summer months by reducing heat gain through the ceiling to living areas below and locking the cool temps inside.  During the winter months it helps slow heat loss from the interior living spaces.  Further, if your home is inadequately insulated you may be paying unnecessarily high energy bills, because your HVAC is working harder.  A lack of insulation during the summer months causes the air conditioner to work harder to keep your home cool.  On the other hand, in winter the heater has to do the same to keep you warm and comfortable.  No matter the season, insufficient insulation will cause your utility bills to rise.


Increasing attic insulation, along with sealing leaks, not only keeps your energy cost down, but it also keeps your home at a more comfortable consistent temperature.  Since heat rises, you lose the majority of heat from your home through the attic if it is not sufficiently insulated.  Lack of insulation is cause for the upstairs being colder in winter and sweltering in summer in many two-story homes.  Living in a home with inconsistent temperatures is uncomfortable for anyone.  Proper attic insulation helps maintain a comfortable consistent home temperature.  


Lowering energy bills is one of the most significant benefits of attic insulation.  However, sound proofing and noise reduction is another great advantage.  Attic insulation functions as a noise barrier by limiting the transmission of sound.  Some homeowners may be unaware of this advantage, which is especially beneficial in cities, high traffic areas and near busy airports.   Appropriate attic insulation helps to ensure that your family is not being exposed to uninvited sounds and makes common neighborhood and aircraft noises less noticeable.

Determine if your attic is properly insulated by making a visual inspection.  When in doubt, call the professionals at All Attic Insulation.  With proper attic insulation, your family will enjoy greater comfort in temperature, energy savings and peace and quiet from unintended outdoor noises all while having a dry safe place to store important items that do not fit in your Texas basement or elsewhere in your home.