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Is your attic properly ventilated?

When air trapped in your attic, and there’s nowhere for it to go, temperatures are going to spike. The sun heats your roof. The roof heats the air in your attic.  If the hot attic air cannot escape the roof, it will seep into the rest of your house below. Sometimes your AC unit will be able to keep up and cool your home, but this requires your air conditioning unit to work harder than it needs to. This also means that overtime, your energy bill will be higher. An overworked AC system will need maintenance more frequently and may not be able to keep up with cooling the house properly.

By having your attic properly ventilated, you will ensure that the hot air in your attic will not come into your living space. There are a variety of choice on types of vents, depending on your home structure, architecture, your budget, and preferences. To vent an attic, you need intake and exhaust vents. Intake vents allow fresh air to flow into the attic. Air flowing in means air flowing out. Heated air and the general natural flow of air will keep the temperatures in your attic lower.

The All Attic Insulation team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your attic is well ventilated!


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