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Attic Solar Fans

Attic Solar Fans is one of the options that you can choose for attic ventilation. It is designed to make your home more energy efficient while also making you more comfortable.

Your attic, especially in the Houston area, is subjected to the most extreme temperatures throughout the year. This usually causes discomfort and high utility bills.

Your HVAC system duct-work is routed through attic spaces and even though they are insulated your attic space will still get very hot during the heat of high summer. This means that your cool A/C air passing through the duct-work is likely to be less cool after passing through 30 feet of heated attic space! So it makes sense to try to remove some of that hot attic air.

An affordable home improvement option that will pay for itself over time is installing a solar-powered fan to your attic. Solar-powered systems are designed for maximum attic ventilation. They will keep your attic temperate dry and will also help protect your roof.


Affordable Home Improvement

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Tax Credit

house_heatloss-300x246Solar fans run on sun power and will pull superheated air out of your attic to replace it with cooler outside air. This reduces the amount of work your HVAC system has to do to cool your upstairs living area.

Energy Star-rated solar attic fans still qualify for a federal tax credit of 30 percent of your purchase and installation costs.

To find out more about a tax credit in your area, please visit We suggest that you keep checking back periodically because the site is updated every so often.

Which product is going to be more effective for me to use?

With all the state of the art equipment, products and staff we can design a heating/cooling program that will be the best program by conducting an audit of your home or business. Once we have determined the problems in your home and business, we will prepare an outline of the most effective products to use for your personal situation.

All Attic Insulation Professional Services

At All Attic Insulation, we offer many types of insulation services including attic insulation, radiant barrier, and solar attic fans.


R Value Insulation

The use of the term R value Insulation is based on the strength of the material. When you have a high R value, the strength is at the highest level vs. a low R value at a lower level.


Solar Vents

By installing solar vents is one way to help eliminate mold and mildew problems that occur in Houston homes and businesses. They are very quiet, reliable, and an affordable option for ventilation.

rigid insulation

Rigid Attic Insulation

Rigid attic insulation is commonly used to help with energy maximization for a home or office buildings. This process helps to keep a room cold or hot air away from the walls.

cellulose insulation

Cellulose Attic Insulation

Fire resistant, cellulose attic insulation is one of the most popular attic insulation products. It is primarily used between interior and exterior walls for homes and buildings. 

Batt Insulation

Batt Attic Insulation

Many consumers choose Batt attic Insulation for their home and office. The Batt Insulation process is economical and is used to insulate below floors, above ceilings, and within walls.


Foam Attic Insulation

Foam attic insulation is sprayed on the walls and in tight crevices. The majority of foam insulation can be seen in the attic or any part of a building/home where there are unfinished walls.

Sound Control

Sound Control

Noise can travel very quickly through doors, walls, and ceilings. Having an effective noise reduction insulation is helpful for your home or business. We offer different types of sound insulation solutions.




Spray Foam Insulation

In the attic of many homes and businesses, there are hard to reach spaces. By using Spray Foam, we can tightly seal all nooks and crannies that otherwise would have been left exposed.

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