Blown Insulation

Blown Insulation Houston

All Attic Installation specializes in all different types of insulation for your home. A properly insulated home can save you up to 30% on your electric bill. With blown insulation Houston homeowners can benefit during the hot summer months as well as the rare, but occasional, cold winter days.

If you hurry and install energy saving blown insulation Houston you may qualify for as much as a $1500 tax credit on your 2010 tax return. Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, existing homes that are considered principal residences are eligible for a 30% tax credit up to $1500 on the cost of insulation. It does not apply to new construction.

The combination of substantial savings on energy costs as well as the added incentive of a possible tax credit makes insulating those spaces in your home with less than ideal insulation a very attractive proposition.

Why Blown Insulation?

The Houston area can experience some very hot days, especially in the middle of the summer.blown insulation houston With blown insulation Houston homeowners can keep the sun’s powerful rays from penetrating through the walls and roof and effectively lower the radiant heat that forces your air conditioner to work overtime. On those rare days in winter when the temperatures drop to near freezing conditions, blown insulation Houston will help keep the house warm.

Blown insulation Houston is very effective in getting in cracks, around corners and other normally inaccessible areas. A machine sprays the fiberglass insulation in to the desired space and then the insulation material expands, forming a solid barrier. You can achieve R-values all the way up to R-60, depending on how thick you spray the blown insulation.

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