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All Attic Insulation is a Houston based, family owned company that specializes in providing a broad range of attic insulation services in Houston. All Attic Insulation in Houston and surrounding areas has a track record of servicing commercial and residential Houston clients and assisting in reducing costs by implementing quality insulation services. So whether you are looking to reduce your home from high energy bills or you are a business, we can assist you in all types of insulation services to aid in reducing your energy usage. The mission of All Attic Insulation in Houston is to ensure the highest quality of attic insulation services while reducing costs for our clients.

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All Attic Insulation Services

All Attic Insulation - cellulose insulation

Based on an evaluation of your home or business our quality staff will determine which type of attic insulation services would reduce your energy costs.  Some choices include batted or blow insulation services. By implementing Insulation services you will reduce your costs and conserve energy.

spray foam insulation

Spray foam offers a great insulation solution as it performs as both insulation and an air sealant, or air barrier, closing those nooks and crannies that let air escape and add dollars to monthly energy bills. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program estimates that by adding insulation and sealing air leaks, you could save up to 20% on your monthly energy bills.

All Attic Insulation - foil radiant barrier

Radiant Barrier is a high performance product which comes in a foil or spray insulation. Radiant Barrier has become a very popular product in the attic insulation industry due to the success of reflecting heat. Radiant Barrier is also popular due to the history of lowering energy Radiant Barrier Houston costs.

All Attic Insulation - spray radiant barrier

Spray is also an effective process and offers extra protection. This product will stop moisture transfer and save you considerable costs. The process includes spraying reflective paint to the underside of the roof decking. There are many different types of sprays on the market and they do not all provide the exact protection.

Insulation Removal

Insulation removal in your home or business is a very important decision to make and selecting the right company is imperative. At All Attic Insulation we have a team of talented staff members with extensive experience in safe insulation removal.

Attic Ventilation

There are many advantages of obtaining Attic Ventilation for your home or commercial property. During the very hot season in Houston and surrounding areas, the hot air rises, and your attic becomes very hot and difficult to spent time in. Also during, the winter months the electric bills will soar due to the expense of trying to warm your attic.

  • Carla WoodardCarla Woodard

    Excellent customer service at a fair price. I had a radiant barrier painted in, additional insulation and wind turbines installed along with an attic tent. I felt like I got quality work at a fair price. I haven't been able to reap the benefits of full summer weather but my house has stayed warmer since the temps have start falling. Very pleased!

  • P OrdaP Orda

    Robert the owner of All Attic Insulation was so nice, very professional and explained things to us thoroughly. We felt that we could trust him right away. The job was done in a very efficient and timely manner. After they did the job, I noticed that our electric bill went down tremendously and I save approximately about $50.00 or more a month. After the job was done, Robert even called us and asked us if we are satisfied with the quality of work. And yes we were! We even recommended them to my daughter. We highly recommend the All Attic Insulation for it's excellent job, honesty and very very reasonable price. Good job Robert and team!

  • Charles OCharles O

    We were referred to All Attic Insulation through a community website in our area. From the initial contact to the completion of services they were easy to deal with and very customer focused. They came out to give us a quote which was comparable to the rest of the market. They didn't try to sell us more than what we needed. We had them do both the radiant barrier and add insulation. They were very clean and thorough throughout the process. They covered all the corners, cracks and everything. They did an excellent job!! As a matter of fact, the people who replaced our A/C about 6 months after even commented on how well of a job they did. I would highly recommend Robert and his crew any day. If you are looking for them to do your attic I would highly recommend doing the radiant barrier along with the insulation. We were not going to do it but after speaking with him and even getting input from a few other people that also had it done we went ahead and did it and we are so glad we did. It made a noticeable difference on the heat that was being trapped up in the attic prior to this.

  • R. Jason GriffinR. Jason Griffin

    Robert was very informative and answered all of my questions in our initial visit and his tour of my home. He told me some services I had asked about were not necessary and thus, did not try to oversell me. The crew was courteous and cleaned up after they finished. As far as the products themselves, we installed a radiant shield and R-40 insulation in the attic. These two products made a world of difference in our 1950s-build home. Our home can hold the temperature much easier when it gets really hot or really cold--especially when there are sudden temperature changes that would have normally left our AC working overtime. Most importantly, we have seen a drop in our electricity costs because of the products installed. I would highly recommend All Attic Insulation.

  • Tarl AndersonTarl Anderson

    Robert and his team did a fantastic job! They were courteous, professional, quick, and clean. We bought a 25 year old home in January of this year and thought it would be wise to have his team come in before we moved in. Our thinking was to beef up the energy efficiency before our first hot Houston summer. They sprayed radiant barrier on the ceiling of our attic, blew insulation everywhere, and added a zip up attic door cover above our drop down stairs. We never had a monthly electric bill exceed $200 even during the warmest months of the year. New windows are next our on agenda, but it almost seems unnecessary with how inexpensive our utility costs are now.

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More About Our Insulation Services

At All Attic Insulation we have years of experience and very knowledgeable in determining the best plan to reduce your attic heat load.  Our professional team takes the time to show you our products and how each application will be utilized.  We take a personal interest in solving your insulation needs.

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Energy Saving Tips

Proper attic insulation in and around the Houston area is vital since we live in a hot climate and have hot summers, because your attic space can become like an oven.  Read our helpful solutions to keeping your family comfortable with energy savings tips for Texas living.  Then contact All Attic Insulation for a free evaluation.

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All Attic InsulationAll Attic Insulation
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All Attic InsulationAll Attic Insulation
5 Stars - Based on User Reviews
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